Penetration Testing Training

One of the biggest challenges security professionals face is truly understanding the mindset of a hacker and the methods they use to gain access to networks, systems and data. Even those who have "trained" to be pen testers with a corporate training class or read a book haven't had the opportunity to train with a real hacker that has worked in a government Digital Warfare Unit. They thereby miss out on the advanced methods and training that would take them to the next level.

Digital Warfare's Pen Test Training courses are in a completely different league. Led by instructors who have real world experience working for governments, these courses have the ability to open your eyes to a whole new world. 

Digital Warfare has able to customize the courses for individuals, groups and companies based upon different needs, interests and abilities. There are 3 set training courses that can be taken:


> Beginner

> Advanced

> Digital Warfare Unit+  ​

Additional modules and specialties can be added in such as:

> Advanced Recon

> Wireless Testing

> Social Engineering

> Advanced Physical Attacks

> Custom Exploit Creation

> Malware Creation

> Creating and working with Botnets

> IOT hacking

> Drone hacking

> Car hacking

> Mobile app testing

> Device hacking

You can take the training in Digital Warfare's secret training facilities in Langley, VA, in your office, or even at a custom location such as Las Vegas or the Carribean. Wherever you choose to train, you will have everything you need to learn deep pen testing techniques and walk away with actionable, real-world abilities.

Benefits of our Penetration Testing Training Courses

Our Pen Testing Training can provide the following benefits to any security proffesional:

> Real world understanding of the hackers mindset

> Training from a seasoned professional hacker with government experience

> Learn how hackers will target your networks by actually trying the same techniques

Why choose Digital Warfare?


> Since 2012, we have offered a strong team of experienced information security, technology, audit, governance, risk and compliance professionals to deliver superior security services to anything found in the industry.

> Only our pen test training can provide real world experience.

> We offer customized programs to suit you.

> We can come to you, host you in Langley or allow you to choose the location.

> Upon successful completion of any of our courses, give you a certificate that is recognized as being a badge of honor.

> Leave with actionable knowledge to apply to real world situations.