Penetration Testing


Ensure your application and critical assets are protected from the latest vulnerabilities. This includes a regular risk assessment of your corporate perimeter.

Why It's Important

Threats are evolving and increasing in complexity. Hackers have resources, tools, time and motivation to crack through corporate defenses driven by financial gain, hacktivism or simply to cause mayhem. Penetration Testing must be carried out after any significant change and as a minimum of once per year. With around 8,000 vulnerabilities discovered in commercial software every year, your organization could be exposed to 20 vulnerabilities per quarter.

What We Offer

Our Penetration Testing services can be one-off engagements or an ongoing managed testing contract for continued assurance. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Testing networks and infrastructure, including wireless.

  • Testing web applications.

  • Monthly managed vulnerability assessments.

  • Mobile device security testing.

  • Code review.

  • Red-teaming engagements to provide a thorough and realistic assessment of your resilience to an attack scenario.