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One of the biggest challenges organizations face today is recruiting and retaining information security professionals. Information security is increasing in importance, but not all organizations cannot afford to hire a chief information security officer or specialists in security.

Protecting your company from advanced real-time threats, malware phishing attacks, hackers, ransomware, internal employee data loss, and APTs is becoming more and more expertise.  Company boards and management teams, plus 3rd party partners such as customers and vendors are increasing requiring companies to be compliant with a multitude of security regulations.

A vCISO can provide your company with the information security experience and skills necessary to help your company plan, define and execute an appropriate security strategy and without the cost of a full-time CISO.

Benefits of our vCISO Service

Our vCISO service can prove to deliver significant cost savings and also be a reassuring presence of business stakeholders – employees and investors alike:

> Information security leadership and guidance

> Regular meetings with the C-suite or Board of Directors

> Steering committee leadership or participation

> Security compliance management

> Security policy, process, and procedure development and maintenance

> Reporting efforts

> Vendor risk management

> Business continuity planning and disaster recovery

> A senior security management professional with a wealth of industry experience

> Governance program creation

> Design or review security and risk strategy or program

> Assessment and development of the information security skills of your wider team

> Designing a security team and recruiting/hiring personnel

> Independent review of audit and assessment reports, assisting with prioritizing issues and tracking resolution


How it works


This is a completely bespoke service based on your own information security needs. You will have on-site and/or remote access to your own CISO who can steer your information security strategy, assist with audits, help grow your security maturity level, prioritize security projects and much more. This service can range in duration from being a few hours per month consultancy to an interim full time CISO. Plus, we can flex the service up or down according your changing information security requirements and with knowledge transfer over time.


Why choose Digital Warfare?


> Since 2012, we have offered a strong team of experienced information security, technology, audit, governance, risk and compliance professionals to deliver superior security services to anything found in the industry.

> Our Virtual CISO service is designed to provide the right level of resources and support needed to manage risk according to your budget.

> We offer short-term or long-term engagements on an advisory level or as an interim CISO.

> With an average of 20+ years of experience, our analysts have held strategic roles in information security at organizations in a variety of industries.

> Our analysts serve in strategic or tactical roles with solid security skills plus the required leadership and business acumen needed for the job.

> With Digital Warfare, you don't just get 1 person; you get 1 point of contact vCISO and the knowledge and experience of dozens of experienced analysts that stand behind him.