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Digital Warfare's application assurance services offer advice on best practice in application assurance and security testing. We can provide support throughout the development of your critical applications.

> Advanced application security testing
> Comprehensive application security assurance service throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC)
> Objective, independent and pragmatic security advice

Software applications are often the weak point in an organizations’ security. Their complexity, coupled with the inevitable business pressures during development, means security can be overlooked.
Organizations are understandably focused on ensuring that business-functional requirements are delivered by the development teams; time-to-market can be critical for application development.
In this environment, it is all too easy to overlook critical flaws in design, code implementation, or underlying vulnerabilities in the commercial components that are an integral part of the application or the environment in which it operates.

Attackers are only too aware of the potential weakness in applications, and application level attacks are still one of the major sources of unauthorized access to, or misuse of, systems today. By nature, they bypass traditional defenses, and are extremely difficult to detect.

There is a delicate balance to be struck between functional requirements, business needs, and security risk.

Digital Warfare can provide comprehensive application security assurance services, including design assurance consultancy throughout the development life cycle, development audit, critical phase review, code review, and specialist security application testing.

Digital Warfare provides:


> A concentrated pool of security-focused resources to advise on best practice security implementation
> Objective, independent, current security knowledge of a wide range of commercial software and applications
> Comprehensive testing of bespoke applications by drawing on concentrated security knowledge to devise tailored threat scenarios; thinking like an attacker is different to thinking like a user
> Advice on best practice measures and corrective action required to improve security deployment and integrity

> Independent expert assurance that applications and processes can resist a range of attacks
> Confidence that your system will not make headlines as a hacker's, criminal's or terrorist's latest victim


Digital Warfare can make recommendations for hardened configurations for system components that enable required functionality while disabling unneeded features and improving integrity and resistance to attack.